Thinking About Sex.

What’s after sex?

I see him calling.

I don’t like empty sex.

I cannot answer.

I’m not having sex.

I’m not perfect.

What’s after sex?

*Insert two cents.

What’s after sex?

I ruined it.

What’s after sex?

When life’s mirror inevitably shines its reflection…

What’s after sex?

I want to see something more.

Marcus Emel


One of things I love about entertainment is the chance to see others enjoy themselves and to be part of the reason that they smile for a moment. I have, for the longest time, debated on whether I would share my dancer excursions on Instagram. Then I’m like, what other tools do I have…and then I think about my blog, my website…I’m like…hmm how can these things work together? Then I start thinking about the idea of 15 minutes a day. What does that look like? Then I think about how happy I am to go to the gym today! And then I remember that I got on here to talk to you about authenticity and defying logic. One thing that I have discovered along my journey is that it is incredible to let your light shine. Defy that little voice in your head and actually do what you want to do. Someone is waiting on you and no, you shouldn’t feel responsible for them, you’re not. You need to do what’s best for you. Moving forward, I keep thinking back to Instagram and I ask myself if I will be posting anymore of my real-life stuff too...I will. I have to be real. It’s a privilege to share my experience. I enjoy it and what a shame it would be to just keep it to myself.