keep your health first.


 I think I'm good. 

Living in a space where

everyday you hear about crazy shit

whether you 

want to or not is

really not what I wanna 

do anymore... 


Sometimes I really wonder 

about my blackness. 

It's a gift and a curse

in America.

Why do I live here

fighting a battle 

that quite frankly 

was lost 

and is not even 

worth it...

or is it?

I'm gay.

I'm black. 


I'm a man.

I wish the focus 

wasn't always on skin

but it is...

Living in skin where people

hate you is 


I moved away 

thinking that it would be

different, it's not.

Same ole shit.

I'm just tryna take it easy...

I wish that I never spoke to him.

...always gotta give advice

...always gotta remind me of how

(being black) I gotta be different

make different choices...

you know what?

No I don't.

I'm tired...

the narrative...

I'm depressed...


I'm over it. 


I think I'm good.