N  I  G  G  A .


She said ‘Nigga’?

You said it too.

What’s the difference?

Is she better

than you? Oh,

You’re the better one. I see

when you say it,

it’s for fun.

You mean it,

Cause you are one?


I stand corrected.

Since she said that you’re one

Then you’re not.


So is it about the word

Or the color of the skin,

Under which it is




Sounds like a double standard to me and

we all know those are fair.

She, like we, built the same.

Genetically made up, the family’s to blame.

Both walking roads of equal shame,

One could never truly understand the other.

Now you say that you’re not a NIGGA

But everything we hear is always talking about

You and your niggas

...and the same folks that endorse your airtime...

...are the same folks who helped her cook her meals and

are the same folks that signed yall’s deals...who so happen to be

the same folks that are spinning our wheels

On the same airways

To make it to the same tables

Signing the same check,

So if you ask me

it’s all a matter of disrespect,

so what’s the problem?

She said Nigga

So did you…

want it to stop?

Change your record,

So she can change hers… ML