SPROUT. (from The Man I Wanted to See)


(from The Man I Wanted to See)


Maybe I wanted too badly to

be attached and that’s


I’ll just relax and focus on

saying goodbye.


The sadness, the turmoil, the

grief, the shame

put it all on the line don’t

point no fingers or

place no blame



Remove “me” from the scenario.


Give thyself some room to grow.


Life is a really rough ride without

someone strong by your side especially

when They

steady judge you

because someone

manipulates Their mind.


Not here to sugarcoat it,

just want to let you know it's

hard out here for the

bastard, nigga, queer

faggot ass bitch muthafucka

I hear screaming in my ear.


I gotta detach.

Be a man now,

Become my own biggest fan now.


Just had to get that off my chest.


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