He finally came back again
He is at this club
    almost as much as me
and He just moved next to my seat
I wonder what kind of guy that He is...I
want to greet Him but...what do I say
A simple hello
It’s all that I said...
His drink is expensive
    He must have the
    good alcohol I
    thought He only drank wine
(but then again I don’t think
it said He drank wine)
...or did it…
A simple hello
    I guess that’s appropriate
and then He ordered shots
He’s drinking rather slowly
    wait...was that a shot?
    Our eyes just connected
I’m nervous.

He’s only a seat away
A simple hello
I made a new friend.
I was confident
He was in love
and so was I
we drank so many drinks
we burned so many trees
we made so much money
We weren’t perfect.
It was worth it.