FRAGMENTS (from 143 by Marcus Emel)


(from 143 by Marcus Emel)


The other day your wine glass shattered.

Right there in your hand,

You cut yourself.


The glass cut you.

In that moment, cleaning your blood was all that mattered.

Now as the wound heals, you can think about what you did wrong…as your wound heals.

“Wasn’t your fault,” I say.

You believe it was.

Your choice of then reflects your now.

Yes, yesterday reflects today.

To go back and change it,

To make another decision, you cannot do.

To live in the moment and solve the problem is the only way to handle this.

What can you do today to positively impact your tomorrow?

You could start with a better glass.

More cost, more quality, less sorrow.

I’ll grab a Band-Aid.



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