T H E P L A G U E .

A Work by Marcus Emel



the reason.


a miscommunication, a

preconceived notion,

False Evidence Appearing Real.


the result of generational

misinformation that simultaneously

provides a protection, a

safe haven.

Fear helps to understand that we are justified in our actions

no matter how right how

wrong, how

good how


Somewhere deep inside,

somewhere far beyond our five-sensory modality

somewhere rearing its head from our subconsciousness.

The arch-enemy, the

result of a deteriorating illusion the

one piece that destroys perception of the physical realm

forcing us to recognize the vastness of our world and

the complexity of its people.

From subconscious to consciousness it

rears its ugly head,

This thing lets us know that the guy in the hood with

his hand in his pocket

walking toward the guy in the hood with the boots and

the badge with his hand in his pocket

are not only the same,

they are also fighting the same battle…

The subconscious

the reason the miscommunication or rather the

lack thereof causes the guy in the hood to run and

the guy in the boots and badge to reach for his

safety and release that which exists in the five-sensory modality

adding to HIStory

pushing back that head which rears itself from the subconscious.

Overtaken by the

False Evidence Appearing Real.

A miscommunication,

unknowing of the result of the risk of

releasing the Monster in his subconscious.

Finding comfort in


Not stopping to think that

perhaps it could just become clear if

each one of the guys just allowed the other to hear,

from the ugly head forcing itself from the rear…