The Weekend (from Love and Other Drugs by Marcus Emel)

T H E  W E E K E N D

(An ode to the short term)



Smacking together like

bologna slices. Sweat

beads rolling down

covering the

bodies. It’s the weekend

my body screams,


Roll down,

lube up,

slide in,

and out.

It’s the weekend,

your body sings


You want me to stay?

Anything for you baby,

I’m here.

It’s the weekend,

our body’s cream


Staring at your face as we lay

Hearts beat at the same fast pace.

We breathe rapidly as if we’ve run

the same race.

Watching TV but

it’s really watching we

...or just me

because you’re

G - O - N - E .

His body screams


Your body creams


It’s the weekend…


T H E  W E E K E N D

A Work By Marcus Emel

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