home (inspired by Langston Hughes + Walt Whitman)

I, too, sing America as I moonlight for the rent money
                             as I pull away from the grips of the office on Friday afternoon

I, too, sing America as I am one of the competitors for the dream

I, too, sing America as I cross the street to avoid the boys in blue

I, too, sing America as I cash in my talent for gold

I, too, sing America as I greedily gooble gaseous globby goodness

I, too, sing New York

                            listening to the hum of delivery trucks crying babies hundreds of footsteps in

                            occulus dozens of feet away from a new day and i still haven't had sleep

We, too, hear America singing and we hear a song

                                                        of the Muslim

                                                        of the Jew

                                                        of the Transsexual

                                                        of the Hispanic

                                                        of the Disadvantaged

                                                        of the Asian too

Oh America I, too, sing oh America I hear you singing, in New York

Oh America, please don't go away.



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