The Power of No.

So, I was on the way to work last night when I received a text message from my mobile service provider that I had exceeded my limit for my unlimited internet. Immediately, 'Why??' 'How could my unlimited internet run out?' 'I still have Instagram pics to post!' 'I just started Episode!!' 'I just downloaded the Les Brown App!!' 'How does this work?' 'The gods have conspired to finally punish me!' 'The devil is busy!' swirled in my head as I dialed 611 and asked the automated system to let me speak to a representative SIXTEEN FUCKING TIMES

I was finally transferred. 

The representative told me that I indeed had exceeded my internet usage allowance. I asked her, How? She says, "You had ten gigs of the internet for free on our high-speed network." Soberly, I remembered the words of the man who sold me the phone...

and I suddenly felt a tinge of guilt and frustration. 'But is there anything that you can do?' 

Follow me to a couple weeks ago I went and purchased a new phone, mostly because I needed one. I had been phoneless for about two months and it started to feel loser-ish and lonely. When I got my phone, the rep told me that I would have "unlimited" everything for a couple of months, for free.

*insert thunderous applause*


"I can open up your internet to be unlimited and extend your billing cycle for seven days." 'Really?' I was relieved. "Yes, I will just take $25 from your account and..." '$25!?' "Uh yes, sir. Twenty-five dollars will be applied to this billing cycle for your upgraded plan." 'Upgrade? I don't want an upgrade...well maybe I do, what does this mean?'

She went on to tell me that my bill would be twenty-five dollars more but I would have unlimited high-speed internet all month long. I would just have to pay for one of those two months of free service. 

'No. Please leave my service plan as is, I will deal with this. Thank you.' I said more politely here than on the phone (I'm a rough one, I'm working on it...). 

I could have said yes. 


I could have increased

my plan. 

I could have

given up my

free month of service, I

could have had high-speed internet,

but why?

First of all,

wi-fi is everywhere.


and most importantly,

I am interested in increasing income...

...being creative.

I thought that it would be a great idea to use my daily commute as a way to connect with my virtual family and also veg out on some much needed relaxing entertainment but these activities usually leave me feeling mentally exhausted.

I have not been reading as much

since I got my phone. I have not observed my surroundings as much

since I got my phone. I haven't had as many new physical conversations with strangers

(which I LOVE) since I got my phone,

although it has been nice to reconnect

with the voices

of my distant

friends and family,

I have new goals now and new things that I'm trying like, counting and budgeting my money. Earning more is high on my list, but just as high on the list is getting more from what I earn. In the words of Fantasia (you know...when she played herself in the movie about her life...) "use what I got to get what I want..."  This situation gave me the fuel that I needed to press forward, make positive changes, continue to enjoy life, and experience the exhilarating feeling of keeping my moolah and saying No